Defensive Driving Program

Defensive Driving Program


At Airdrie Driving School, we have taken great measures to ensure that our course offers the best possible quality of training, and the greatest possible quantity of training at the lowest possible price.
Some of the aspects that will ensure that this happens are:

  • The topics covered in the course.
  • The method and quality of instruction.
  • The course material including videos, classroom handouts, computer programs etc. and in my opinion, the most important aspect,
  • The In Car Instructor.

I believe that Airdrie Driving School scores big on every one of these points.

I am especially proud of our instructors. I believe that our highly trained instructors are the finest ladies and gentlemen you will ever meet. All of our instructors have been trained to teach The Airdrie Driving School's 'Space Cushion Driving System'.

Some of the many principles upon which the Airdrie Driving School's system of 'Space Cushion Driving' is based are: Superior skill and control, A thorough knowledge of rules and regulations, Proper visual habits, Maintaining an adequate space cushion, and Evasive Driving Maneuvers

Superior skill and control

In order to have superior vehicle control, it is simply not enough to know proper steering techniques, you must also understand the techniques which will enable you to use the brake, clutch (if applicable), and the accelerator correctly. In addition to this, you must be in position, and ready, should an emergency situation arise. When vehicle control is practiced correctly, it becomes easy and natural.

Rules and Regulations

It has been estimated that it takes the average beginner about 2 years of driving before they are totally competent in every driving situation. Due to this fact, a thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations is essential.

Proper Visual Habits

Learn to expect the unexpected! Studies show that most collisions can be avoided by the 'victim' of the collision, as well as the person who is 'at fault'. Learn the visual habits which will make it possible for you to see it so that you can avoid it. This also involves having a clear understanding of the mistakes other drivers are likely to make; everyone who drives will make some mistakes! Collision statistics show the same types of collisions happening over and over again. The good news here is that by learning about them, you can learn to anticipate them, and thus, learn to avoid them.

Maintaining A Space Cushion

Whenever you drive, you carry a 'safety cushion' of space with you. The moment someone begins to invade this space cushion, you have to re-establish it by adjusting your speed and/or position, this also means that you ensure that you are not invading someone else's space cushion.

Evasive Driving Maneuvers

In a potential collision situation, you have little time to think. You have to react immediately. You have to know: what to do and how to do it. This involves:

  • Recognizing the hazard
  • Understanding the defense
  • Acting in time

People who have been involved in collisions often tell the authorities, "If only they had not wasted valuable moments deciding what to do, they could have avoided the collision. The 'Evasive Driving' section of our program is designed to make knowing what to do as automatic as possible.

Other Topics Covered

Some of the many other topics covered in our comprehensive Space Cushion Driving Program are: Defensive driving habits, Selective ground search techniques, Seat belts and air bags, Country and Gravel driving, Highway and freeway driving, Parallel parking, Hill, angle, and diagonal parking, Avoiding alcohol/driving situations, Winter driving, Skid control, Hydroplaning, Blizzards, Towing and Backing with a trailer, Map reading, Safe lane change techniques, Pedestrian safety, Buying & selling a vehicle, Insurance: How to minimize costs, Anti Lock brakes vs. regular brakes, Vehicle knowledge and maintenance, And much, much more!

The Airdrie Driving School's 'Space Cushion Driving Program' is designed to save much more than insurance, it is designed to save lives!

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Vehicle Maintenance and Inspection

If you are buying a car, doing your own basic inspection before taking it to a mechanic can save you hundreds of dollars in mechanics' fees, and just may save you from buying a lemon.

If you already own a car, there are certain maintenance items you can do yourself. There are also certain maintenance items every vehicle must have done during its lifetime. By knowing about these items ahead of time, they won't be neglected, and this could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in unnecessary repair costs down the road.

Note: We are not trying to turn anyone into a mechanic, but to give the students a sound understanding of the vehicle, how it works, and basic maintenance items they can do themselves.

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