Airdrie Driving School is Airdrie’s longest locally owned and operated driving school. Airdrie Driving School works closely with the community, participating schools and parents in effort to ensure that Airdrie’s new drivers receive the best possible start to their new driving career.

While Airdrie grows so does the number of vehicles using the public roadways. The increase in traffic volume brings an increase in collisions, which makes the need for new drivers to be best equipped to handle even the most adverse driving situations imperative. Safe and responsible driving begins with YOU and your choice of Airdrie Driving School!

By being a defensive driver you will have the knowledge, skills and right attitude for safe driving. An approved driver education course also helps the new driver gain positive habits and attitudes while also perfecting the skills needed for a safe and long driving career.

Education, a good attitude, practice of and commitment to safety protocols, and observing the rules of the road will help you stay on the road safely.

At Airdrie Driving School we believe in six key factors to successful driving and teach them here at Airdrie Driving School as the F.A.S.T.E.R. system:

F – Foresight

A - Attitude

S - Space

T - Tolerance

E – Eye sight

R – Responsibility

As a new driver this system will help you be better prepared, more aware, and most importantly, SAFER!

In Alberta, 89% of all traffic fatalities occur in rural areas.

Our courses include City and Rural training.

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